About Us

Kultur Mpak 2 is a Christian based, a veteran-owned online marketplace that sells apparel, gifts and screened printing products to businesses, organizations, and individuals as well as creating your own designs. 

Our Story

During our many vacation travels, the idea came to us to sell gifts and apparel that would encourage and brighten someone's day. Our goals are to help and connect by expressing yourself through culture, your community, religion, and art. We decided to take business classes and learn all about the business.

If you are having a tough time starting a conversation or you just can't find the right words or have an upcoming event planned?  Family Reunion? Church Functions? No Problem. You can create your own designs. Kultur Mpak 2 is your designation. Whatever the occasion.... Express yourself with Kultur Mpak 2 Custom Screened Prints, Gifts and Apparels.